The Darling Center offers many quality products that help you maintain your best health.  To that end we now offer online shopping for your convenience.  Simply click on the category which you wish to shop and you will be taken to the appropriate site!



We have two very high quality companies that we recommend for their CBD products.   BioNanix is only available through physicians offices and is the highest quality non THC CDB you can purchase. 

Five CBD has some amazing formualtions for sleep.

Medical Devices

We have several medical devices that you can own and use in the comfort of your own home.   These include the ElectroMedicial Royal Rife machine, blue block eyeglasses and red light therapy blankets.

Water Filtration Systems

We now offer high quality water filtration systems from our partner Eco Waterhouse.  Their systems range from under the counter systems to whole house systems.  

Discounted Prescription Medicines

For those of you who do not have insurance coverage for prescription medications or chose to pay cash, Good Rx is a great place to save money on medications.  For example, Testosterone Cypionate retails for well over $200 a vial and on Good Rx you can get the same vial for less than $50.