Medical Devices

Medical Devices

Medical Devices

Medical Devices - Blue Blox

Computer Glasses

medica device

Blue light from your digital devices and office/home lighting may be causing digital eyestrain. Digital eyestrain symptoms include dry eyes, headaches, or fatigue. Short wavelength blue light has been shown as one of the potential triggers for digital eyestrain and this type of light can often be found in our favourite digital devices such as smart phones, laptop computers, tablets, and even overhead lighting.

Sleeping Glasses

sleep glasses

Evening exposure to blue light at night can send signals to us telling us its daytime and to suppress melatonin production.  Using digital devices such as smart phones, TVs, laptop computers, house lights and even the light inside our fridge are the biggest culprits and emit blue light.  Blue light has been shown in studies to disrupt our sleep so it is important to block blue light between 400nm and 550nm (the melatonin disruption zone of light)to improve your sleep, before bedtime (around 2-3 hours before bed).

Medical Devices - Red Light Therapy

red light therapy

Introduce the power of red light therapy into your home wellness routine and experience the incredible benefits. All our panels incorporate red light at 660nm and near infrared light at 850nm, which are the two most studied frequencies of light for red light therapy. Red light delivered at 660nm is readily absorbed by the surface tissues and cells. Near-infrared light at 850nm, which is invisible to the human eye, penetrates into deeper tissues and muscles.

Over 4,000 clinical trials and studies have been performed showing the benefits of red light therapy. Red light therapy has been shown to have a positive effect on the following; acnemild wound healingsore/stiff musclesboost post-workout recovery and improve sleep.

Red light therapy has also been shown in studies to help with collagen productionenergy production (ATP) and fat loss.

EMF Protection

EMF Blanket
EMF Blanket

In the last 20 years the levels of electromagnetic radiation (commonly referred to by some people as EMFs) in our environment have increased substantially. Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) from our cell phones, laptops and routers are all contributing to this problem. With more and more unnatural radiation present in our environment, we need to think about decreasing these levels to minimize our exposure to increasing levels of WIFI, 4G and 5G networks, radio frequencies (RF) and Bluetooth. The more digital devices you use the more EMF radiation in your environment.

Cold Therapy

cold therapy

Many athletes now use ice baths and other types of cold exposure to speed up recovery from physical exercise or mild aches and pains. The use of cold and ice therapy has also been linked to improved sleep quality and more focus.

By combining cold with massage, you can enjoy the benefits of soothing massage along with the underlaying principles of cold therapy.

If you have mild aches and pains, stiff from working at a desk all day, looking to optimise your recovery from exercise or generally looking for new practices for your wellness routine, our ice massage products have you covered.

By combing massage with cold therapy, you have two amazing wellness practices in one product.