As a direct primary care provider, we appreciate your choosing to allow us to provide medical care to you.  As costs continue to rise we recognize this can cause financial stress.  We offer three membership plans to help you manage your medical costs. These plans are designed to provide affordable monthly payments to spread your costs over 12 months while providing you with great value.  The three plans are listed below.

Why should I have a membership?

As American Express used to advertise: Membership has its priviligesdes!

Elation Health, an electronic health record company that serves small practices, found that the number of direct primary care practices and concierge health practices on its platform grew 38% last year. “If you really want to spend more time with your patients and not be stuck in paperwork all the time . . . change your business model,” says Kyna Fong, CEO of Elation Health. “For a lot of DPC docs, it’s a mantra of, ‘We just want to focus on our patients—we just want to deliver great care,’ and unfortunately the United States healthcare system leaves them no option to be able to do this except to opt out of the dominant insurance-based system.”

What does a membership give me?

  • Guaranteed Pricing
  • Discounts on supplements
  • Unlimited messaging with our practitioners
  • Discounts on most procedures
  • Member only specials
  • Free Basic* labs 2 times a year

Does a membership save me money?

In most cases, yes.  The membership provides you primary care services in our office.  It allows you to eliminate your primary monthly health insurance premium which in the US in 2023 cost an average of $785 per month for a single adult.  If you do not use $785 a month in medical services (an most of us do not), then you are wasting money.  You can go to a health share for major medical coverage (hospitalization) and on average save around $500 per month.  Everyone is different but those are the national averages.  And the best part is you get personalized care!

The Basic Plan

Designed For Those Who are Healthy
$ 119
  • 3 30 minute visits/yr
  • 6 Health Coaching Call/yr
  • 2 Myers Cocktails
  • 1 Anti Viral IV
  • 5% off supplements
  • Yearly Care Plan
  • Free basic labs 2 times yearly
Cost Effective

The Journey Plan

For Those Who Have Need For Ongoing Care
$ 229
  • 6 30 minutes visitis/yr
  • 8 Health Coaching Calls/yr
  • 5 Myers Cocktails
  • 10% off Supplements
  • 3 Anti Viral IV's
  • 3 hours of Wellness Pro Machine
  • 10% off of all services (PRP, Stem Cell Facials, IV's)
  • Yearly Care Plan
  • Free Basic Labs twice yealry

The Rockstar Plan

For Those who Want To Take Complete Charge of Their Health
$ 339
  • 12 30 Minute Visits/yr
  • 12 Health Coaching Calls/yr
  • 12 Myers Cocktails
  • 6 Anti Viral IV's
  • Unlimited Usage of Wellness Pro Machine
  • 15% off Supplements
  • 15 % off all services
  • Yearly Care Plan
  • Free Basic Labs Twice Yearly

I want to become a MEMBER!

One of our staff with be in touch with you within 24 hours of your inquiry.