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Here you can shop for medical devices which assist in pain management, EMF protection, cellular regeneration, and eye protection.

Rife Technology- Pain Management

Electrotherapy is a nerve stimulation therapy via carefully developed electrical impulses mimicking our
body signals to help restore damages caused by injuries or accidents.
Significant percentage of patients found TENS devices effectively reduced their pain.

Bio-electrical stimulation is a safe non toxic pain management therapy that activates the body’s innate
ability to heal itself. Therapy provides targeted pain alleviation to specific areas of the body by
modifying its electrical language related to pain, regulating signals and stimulating endogenous opioids
distributed in the nervous systems, particularly in circuits involved in pain modulation, reward,
responses to stress, and autonomic control.



How It Works


When it comes to electricity created in the human body, the energy source is chemical and has to do with the composition of the atoms and molecules present. All the elements we take into our bodies, such as oxygen, sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium etc., have a specific electrical charge. How those molecules are bound together and how they react to other molecules near them is how chemicals create energy. Some of these electrical impulses found naturally in our bodies activate functions needed for healing.

Electricity enables information to circulate in the body, electrotherapy manipulates a specific part of the information by pulsating electrical waves interfering with the transmission of pain signals.
Our nervous system is composed of our brain and our spinal cord, which combine to form the central nervous system; and our sensory and motor nerves, which form the peripheral nervous system.

Nerves send information about what is happening in our environment to the brain via the spinal cord. The brain then sends information back to our nerves, helping us to perform actions in response. By treating specific body areas and varying frequency, wavelength and intensity applied, electrotherapy devices can manipulate impulses and target actions to alleviate pain or they can disrupt pain signals.




triggers our body’s natural processes. Electrical impulses travel from nerves around the injured area to our brain, delivering the unpleasant sensation of pain. WellnessPro Plus® operates by disrupting these pain signals received by our synapses, mimicking our natural electric signals to relieve patients from pain.

Electromedical Technologies brought together some of the leading biomedical researchers from around the world to develop next generation TENS machines. Through product innovation and a forward-thinking approach, we succeeded to develop specific algorithms in electrotherapy that work to alleviate pain.

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