Food Sensitivity Testing

Food Sensitivity Testing

Food Sensitivity Testing

The Alcat Test uncovers foods and other substances that trigger chronic inflammation and related health conditions, such as gastrointestinal, respiratory, and joint issues as well as migraine, dermatitis, fatigue, and metabolic disorders. 

The Alcat Test measures cellular reactions to over 450 substances and scientific studies using the Alcat Test to guide diet shows significant improvement of many common symptoms.

To date, the Alcat Test has helped well over half a million people change their health.

How It Works

A small sample of your blood is sent to the laboratory overnight where it goes through a multi-step quality assurance process. Your white blood cells are tested against foods and other substances in a process using an impedance methodology based flow cytometer. This is a very accurate way to determine if your relevant immune cells react to the test substance. Your results are presented in a clear, easy-to-read, and color-coded format. Dr. Darling spends 30 minutes with you to answer any questions you have about implementing your test results.

Food Sensitivity Testing Results

The test takes around two weeks to receive the results.  We work with you to analyze the results and to create a plan on how to implement suggested changes to your diet in order to maximize the change in your bodies immune response.  A sample report is shown below.  

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